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SalemWeb Privacy Policy

Since this is a non-commercial site, we only collect the information necessary to operate the site. Dispute resolution concerning any information collected will be handled by Innovative Small Systems. Any and all questions about our privacy policy should be directed to the following address:

Innovative Small Systems, Inc.
3726 rue de Bullion
Montreal, Quebec H2X 3A3 Canada

You may contact us by e-mail at You may call us at 514.282.9146

We collect the following information:

  • Basic Access Infomation
  • Contact Information
  • Cookies

Basic Access Information is collected from our access logs. This information includes click-stream data, HTTP protocol elements, and search terms. This information is used soley by us for web site administration and for analysis into how to improve our web site.

Contact information is collected when you request printed visitor information or submit calendar events. In the case of visitor information requests, the information is forwarded directly to Destination Salem. Calendar submission information is used only by ISSI.

Cookies are elements of data that a Web site can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether to accept it. Cookies are used only by our message board to maintain your current session and usage preferences. At your option you may provide other physical details to identify yourself to other board users.

We respect your and your children's privacy and urge children to check for a privacy policy at any site that asks them for any information about themselves

The SalemWeb Message Board

SalemWeb Message Board Policies apply to the forum area of SalemWeb. The Message Board is moderated but content may slip through that is offensive to some. Notify us using the above contact information of content you find offensive and we will attempt to deal with your complaint fairly. We operate the Message Board as a community resource - opinions and views expressed within the message forums are those of the participants and not those of SalemWeb.

SalemWeb Linking Policy

External links on the pages will open in a new browser window. This is a common web practice for retaining the context of the originating page when transferring to a foreign page navigation system.

Nonmembers who wish to be linked from the pages receive one link and are required to provide a reciprocal link to

Nonmember links from the SalemWeb calendar (and hence transient) are provided at the discretion of the calendar editor.

Community links, such as Police and Fire Departments, Sries, Churches, and Municipal Offices are courtesy links.

Salem Businesses may request a courtesy link from the Salem Businesses On Line page.

Other SalemWeb Policy

Our calendar listings are culled from a number of sources. If our information is incorrect, please notify us so we can correct the listing.

If your event is not listed, calendar submissions are free and open to all. Use our handy submission form to list your event.

SalemWeb Message Board

Registration is required to post to the message board. Registration is free - no fees, no dues, no sales, no advertising, no spam. Information collected by registration is just enough to store user settings. This information is accessed by each user when logging in, changing a password, executing a search or changing preferences. Registration allows us to better manage the board and to provide the kinds of user conveniences that we hope will attract long-term contributors to this board.

The message board is now fully moderated - posts must be approved by a moderator before they appear in the board. This policy is required to prevent abuse of the board.

Current message board policy is outlined below:

  • Please keep posts to a standard suitable for public discussion. We do have a profanity checker but we doubt our naughty word list is a match for some people's vocabularies. We will monitor this board and any offensive posts brought to our attention will be quickly removed
  • Messages should be constructive and relevant to the topic.
  • Please observe intellectual properties rights when posting material from other sources. Obtain and note permission for any extensive excerpts. We will remove all such posts which in our judgement do not represent "fair use" of the original material.
  • Please post non-commerical messages only. If there is sufficient interest we might set up an area for commerical messages in the future. Please contact the board administration if you are interested in this idea.
  • For non registered users, messages can be up to 10 kb in length (about 1000 words) and can include one or more images as long as no image is larger than 64 kb. Registered users are exempt from these restrictions.
  • We do not allow anonymous posts, but an email address is not required for submissions in the unrestricted areas. Although Steps have been taken to prevent message pages from being indexed by web spiders, these measures can be defeated by direct links to the message pages. If you supply an email address in a public topic, it is recorded in the message page and in theory accessible to 'spambots'.
  • Passwords are encrypted and we are unable to recover lost passwords. If you lose your password send a request to the board administration to have your password reset. You must provide some means of identification - sending the request from the email registered with the account is sufficient.
  • Cookies are not required to use this board and the use of cookies must be explicitly enabled by each registered user. When enabled, the board interface can use cookies to remember your username, password and the date of your last visit. You may elect to have the cookie retained only for current session and not saved on your drive. Some extra conveniences are available with the cookie saved on your drive. But be careful using this feature if your system is not physically secure. If you choose to use cookies, we recommend you visit the Doubleclick opt-out to protect your privacy when visiting other sites.
  • Message retention policies are to be determined. It is very likely that the restricted message areas will be archived (i.e. messages moved to an archive area ) while messages in the non-restricted areas will be pruned (deleted).
  • We reserve the right to reorganize topics, move off-topic messages, remove redundant posts as necessary for the smooth operation of the board. Messages violating the above rules will be deleted by the moderator. The Moderators' judgment is final.

Please report any and all abuse of this board to

Using the Board

  • Your user profile is displayed by the author link of your posts. Use Edit Profile to control what is displayed. One popular addition to the default personal information fields is 'Favorite Quote'.
  • Registered users can edit posts up to 30 minutes after they have been submitted. Use Edit Profile to see the list of your current posts eligible for editing.
  • Notification options eliminate the need to 'poll the board' for activity in the topics you are interested in or responses to your posts.
  • If you know a tiny bit of HTML, have Front Page or Navigator Composer, you can paste HTML directly into the message input box. The pasted markup will be converted automatically into the board formatting language (markup which may compromise the board is ignored).
  • In message areas, the link icon can be used to copy the address of a specific message into the clipboard. Paste this address into the the hyperlink formatting notation to refer to a another post. Link - Don't Copy - it's the web way.
  • This board offers a lot of features for formatting your post: tables and lists to organize your presentation; text formatting for emphasis; images, attachments, and clipart to dress up your presentation. We only ask you use some common sense in what you upload to our server.
  • Unlike public posting areas, private posting areas localize your email address to your user profile. When your email address changes, changing the email address in your profile reroutes mail from all private posting areas. You do not need to recreate your account.

Please report any and all abuse of this board to

Advertising Membership Benefits

Advertising Membership costs $150 per year and provides the following benefits

  • members receive an unlimited number of links on relevant pages throughout the site..
  • Member events listed in the Calendar of Events always include links to your web site, along with a description of the event.
  • A Member listing on the site includes a description of your business or organization, and a photo or logo that is also a link to your web site, in the relevant area of the site.
  • SalemWeb member listings appear before non member listings in all directory pages.
  • SalemWeb members receive preferential placement of their listing in high traffic areas where possible.
  • will try to promote its members wherever and as often as possible on the site.

A Reciprocal link is required except under special circumstances.

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