After discovering the WWW in 1994, we wanted to participate in this exciting new frontier. We began to develop the SalemWeb in an attempt to make the unique features of the city in which we lived better known, as well as to contribute something to the 'net which would be both informative and fun. Salem has many interesting stories to share.

The original pages in 1995 were our personal approach to organizing Salem's diverse features in order to intrigue the visitor, as well as Salem residents. Our main focus was to promote Salem as an interesting place to visit and in which to live. This remains one of our goals.

With the Internet being a major means of communication today on both personal and business levels, local interest in the Salem Web site has continued to grow. The Calendar of Events is one of the most popular pages on this site. We continue to work on developing the Community side of this web. Many Salem businesses, museums, neighborhood associations and schools now have their own web sites, and SalemWeb links to all of them. This offers all of us opportunities to access information and communicate with each other in new ways.

One of these ways to share ideas is through electronic Message Boards or Forums. In February 2000, we implemented the SalemWeb Message Board. The board now has over 400 registered users and thousands of messages on a wide variety of topics.

In September 2007, we initiated a complete rework of the site to bring the contents more in line with our current design practices - it was necessary to clean out the cruft that had accumulated over 12 years before we could hope to introduce any new features.

The Salem Web is a nonprofit entity, but has grown to include advertising members, a number of which are in tourist or hospitality businesses. This advertising support helps pay for the hosting and traffic expenses of


The framework and many pages of the Salem Web are a personal statement and do not represent the city of Salem, its institutions, or its businesses, unless otherwise indicated on individual pages or portions of this Web.

Although every effort has been made to be accurate, we cannot guarantee the timeliness or the accuracy of the information provided. We will attempt to be especially sensitive to any Salem residents, businesses or institutions that we've inadvertently slighted, misrepresented, or otherwise harmed.

No material on the Salem web pages or the pages of any of its members may be reproduced for any reason without permission.

Thanks to those who have contributed ideas and updates to information on this site, as well as to those who have taken the time to help in correcting the inevitable errors and typos, over the years. We welcome your continued input of ideas and feedback.

Gary and Barbara Wuertz
Innovative Small Systems, Inc.
September 2010


We wish to thank the following:

The Peabody Essex Museum for their permission to use a selection of images from their collections
Historic Salem, Incorporated for the use of portions of their architectural handbook, The Salem Handbook, A Renovation Guide for Homeowners (out of print).
The Salem Partnership for the materials used to promote the Friendship
Andrew LoVuolo, of Graphic Illusions Studios whose original illustrations enhanced the original Salem web pages and T-shirt.
Jim McAllister of Derby Square Tours for his help with Salem history and the special feature, Salem Tales.

Some information has been drawn from free brochures published by the Salem Chamber of Commerce, the National Park Service, the Witches' League for Public Awareness, the Salem Park Department, and the House of the Seven Gables Historic Site.  


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