Here you will find information on local houses of worship and their religious associations. 

Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple
PO Box 311, Salem, MA 01970 978-744-6274

Christian Renewal, (Assembly of God)
102 Lafayette St., Salem, MA 978-744-8082

East Gate Christian Fellowship
127 North Street, Salem, MA 01970 978-741-2728

First Baptist Church
292 Lafayette Street, Salem, MA 978-744-3780

First Universalist Society of Salem (UU)
211 Bridge Street, Salem, MA 978-744-3224

Grace Episcopal Church
385 Essex Street, Salem, MA 978-744-2796

Highrock Covenant Church of the North Shore
Meeting at 292 Lafayette Street, Salem 781-502-8553

Immaculate Conception Parish (Catholic)
15 Hawthorne Blvd., Salem, MA 978-745-6303

North Shore Friend’s Meeting (Quaker)
44 Beaver, Salem, MA 978-745-1065

Saint Anne’s Parish Center (Catholic)
290 Jefferson Avenue, Salem, MA 978-744-1930

Saint James (Catholic)
161 Federal Street, Salem, MA 978-745-9060

Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church
64 Forrester Street, Salem, MA 978-744-5869

Saint Paul’s (Catholic Episcopal)
294 Lafayette Street, Salem, MA 978-745-2252

Saint Peter’s Church (Episcopal)
24 St. Peter’s Street, Salem, MA 978-745-2291

Spanish Church of God (Pentecostal)
19 Salem Street, Salem, MA 978-745-2081

Tabernacle Congregational Church (U. C. C. Protestant)
50 Washington Street, Salem, MA 978-744-3164

Temple Shalom
287 Lafayette Street, Salem, MA 978-741-4880

The First Church in Salem (Unitarian)
316 Essex Street, Salem, MA 978-744-1551

The Gathering at Salem
7 Upham Street, Salem, MA 978-744-8444

The MeetingHouse Church
Salem, MA 978.745.1948

The Salvation Army
93 North Street, Salem, MA 978-744-5181

Wesley United Methodist Church
8 North Street, Salem, MA 978-744-3113