Countless visitors come to Salem each year hoping to meet Witches and learn what we do. If you’re among them, this list of Witchcraft facts was created by Salem’s Official Witch Laurie Cabot in 1986. It continues to be a window into the majickal world of Witches. This version has been updated by Laurie with contributions by Salem Warlock Christian Day.

Witches don’t do evil.

Witches know that doing evil and harm is against universal law. Witchcraft tells us, “An ye harm none, do what ye will.” Witches see the universe and all in it as majickal and able to provide for us and so we do not need or want to do harm.

Witches do practice science, art, and religion.

Witchcraft is an ancient path with roots in the earliest European cultures—a time when science, art, and religion were one. Witches act in balance with all three and use their majick in harmony with the Universe and nature.

Witches don’t worship Satan.

Witches do not have a Satan, a Devil, or any evil deity in their pantheon. The Devil belongs to the Gods of Christianity. Witches know that hatred and harm derive from our own choices and from acting against the balance of the universe.

Witches do wear black and majickal attire.

Witches know that every color has power, but we often do wear black. Black absorbs the spectrum of light, which carries information and helps Witches to be better psychics. Ritual robes, capes, and other seemingly outlandish attire draw the spirit, which is why religious and majickal leaders throughout time have often dressed differently from ordinary people.

Witches do have a deep history.

The word “Witch” is derived from the Old English “Wicca” and “Wicce” (male and female; pronounced Witch-ah and Witch-eh), meaning majick, sorcery, and divination and further derives from older Indo-European roots with those meanings. None of these root words denote anything evil.

Witches do come in all genders.

“Wicca” and “Wicce” are male and female variants of the same word in gendered Old English. Translated to modern English, the word becomes “Witch.” While many think of Witches as only women, we can be any gender. Some Witches do use “Warlock,” in honor of its Nordic roots as a conjuring of spirits.

Witches do have a Goddess and a God.

Witches honor both a Goddess and God as equal aspects of the universal mind. The many Gods and Goddesses of Witchcraft are understood to be both ancestral spirits and manifestations of the divine feminine and masculine.

Witches do come from every walk of life.

Witches come from every socio-economic and ethnic background. Many Witches hold professional positions of responsibility. They are doctors, nurses, politicians, lawyers, and teachers. Some practice the profession of Witchcraft as full-time clergy. Witchcraft does not discriminate against color or ethnic origin and views every living being as equal.

Witches do cast spells.

A spell is a thought, projection, prayer, or manifestation. Other religions use prayer, meditation, ritual, and even the “law of attraction” to get results.  Spells do not imply harm.

Witches don’t sacrifice animals or people.

All life is majickal and sacred. The universe provides what we need and our gods do not require sacrifice. Thus Witches have no need to take the life of another for our majick to work.

Witches do use a five-pointed star in a circle.

The pentacle, or five-pointed star in a circle, is a symbol of universal wisdom. Witches wear it as an amulet of protection and place it upon their altars to represent the element of earth. The star within the pentacle symbolizes the human body while the circle encompassing the star represents the protection of Goddess, God, and the universal mind.

Witches do use majick wands.

The use of majick wands in children’s cartoons and movies can make their use seem frivolous. In actuality the Witch’s wand is used for focusing majickal intent and in healing.

Witches do concern themselves with ecology.

Witches know that the World is more than just inert, dumb matter. The Earth and all living things share the same life-force and are composed of patterns of divinity, intelligence, and knowledge. All life is a web and must be cherished. @ Copyright Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple: