Federal c. 1780 – c. 1830

Federal House Profile
From The Salem Handbook, Historic Salem Incorporated, 1977

Usually a central hall plan, five-bay facade arrangement with central front door. Symmetry of Georgian style retained.

Often semi-elliptical or semi-circular fanlight with flanking sidelights. Frequently decorated by pilasters and/or columns with a flat entablature. Semi-circular or rectangular porticos were common. Usually a six-panel door.

Narrow proportions with simple casing and slender mullions. ( often stone lintels over windows in brick examples)

Gable or shallow hip roof often hidden by balustrade. Tall, slender chimneys appeared at ends of building. 1770.

Executed in wood or brick. Sometimes flatboards on the front facade with brick on the sides and read.

Simplicity and lightness of detail. Much more refined than the heavier Georgian style.
Federal House Detail