Keel Laid:November 1996
Overall length:171 feet bowsprit to spaniker boom
Hull length:116 feet transom to figurehead
Hull breadth:30 feet
Hull height:20 feet keel to deck at midship
Paint Colors:Black with cream and yellow-goal trim; green, black, and red on deck; copper below waterline
Figurehead:Woman in classical dress offering a bouqet of flowers
Main mast height:120 feet to keel, 106 above deck line
Longest spar:Main yard, 52 feet 8 inches
Shortest spar:Mizzen royal yard, 14 feet
Length of rigging:17 miles
Number of sails:21
Sail area:9,409 square feet (.216 acres); stunsails 8,712 square feet (.2 acres)
Ballast:150 tons of lead
Construction method:Cold molded (laminated wood and epoxy); principle woods used are douglass firand oak
Accessibility:ship and boarding facility will be accessible to persons with disabilities